22 Dec

Taking Good Care Of Your Canvas Awnings

pbn-canvas-awning-15Anyone who owns a canvas awning will know that it offers excellent protection against the natural elements – sunlight, rain, snow, etc. No matter which type you use, it serves its purpose in providing adequate shelter in just about any given area. One thing that most people often disregard when it comes to this type of awning though is proper maintenance.

So are you taking good care of your canvas awnings? Whether you realise it or not, these awnings are susceptible to damage. You will need to take steps to ensure that these canopies remain in good condition for at least a few years if only to make the most out of it. So how do you go about doing just that?

How to maintain your awnings?

Now while most reputable manufacturers like “Shutters Australia” make canvas awnings from quality fabric that last a long time, it will wear down much quicker if you do not know how to care for it properly.

Cleaning your canvas awning is, of course, the obvious thing to do with regards to maintenance.  Most manufacturers produce canvas awnings from delicate fabric, so you need to be gentle whenever cleaning it. Use cleansing products with anti-mildew and water-repellant properties.

Now it is not to say that you have to clean your canvas awning every day, but you do need to make it a point to do so every few months. Leaving them out of sight and mind will allow dirt and mould to accumulate degrading the quality and usefulness of said awning.

If you wish to make sure that your canvas window awning is squeaky-clean, you can purchase special disinfectants that will ensure that there is no trace of dirt left on them after cleaning.

A big no-no when you get a canvas awning is to install them near areas of trees or shrubs. These consist of acidic substances that may harm your awning, which will then be irreparable. Also, bear in mind that your service warranty may become void if the improper installation is the reason behind the damage. You are responsible for maintaining your awning. Many do not take preventative measures, following installation with unfortunate consequences.

Last but not least, take care when and where you unroll your canvas awning. Never set up a canvas awning in a location that is either too hot or too cold, as the extreme weather can ruin it. Likewise, be careful where you drag your awnings. Watch out for rough areas of water-logged areas as these might trigger the fabrics to stretch permanently, damaging the total quality of your awning.

Learn more about canvas awnings and how to properly care for them by checking out web sources like http://www.shuttersaustralia.com.au/. A little knowledge can go a long way and get you every but your money’s worth.

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